Why Gaeilge?

I have been an artist and travel lover all my life. This is why I have a paper plane as my logo.

I grew up in Co Kildare on magical stories from my Granny and Aunt Nellie of the Bog, The Curragh, and Fionn MaCumhaill. I come from a big family and feel very lucky to have grown up by the Grand Canal in the heart of Ireland's Ancient East.

Kildare is known as the thoroughbred county. Horses have hugely influenced my drawing. My amazing parents founded a bus company in the 70s, and they instilled in us respect for our national treasures and people alike. Maybe it was from here that my curiosity for heritage and travel began.

I have lived across and travelled the world, and I love experiencing new places and cultures. Wherever I travelled, I discovered people with connections to Ireland, and this provided the inspiration to connect the Irish language with global languages. The Irish language is one of the oldest languages in the world.

I like to take Ireland's expressive heritage and style it as contemporary, progressive and fun.

Inspired by women's history and stories

In 2016 I was involved in one of the 1916 cultural programmes, 'Little Stories Little Prints' which toured Ireland. I chose to illustrate the story of the female dispatch carriers, and it was from researching the women of early 20th century Ireland, and the suffragette movements that I was inspired to start my own creative business and learn my native tongue again. 

When I discovered what many women went through for their beliefs, I felt I had to find a way to include the Irish language in my work, and so, as I developed new sketches and products, I found myself thinking how to express them As Gaeilge. 

My 'Daughters of Ireland' design was particularly influenced by the story of Maude Gonne and Alice Milligan who toured rural Ireland with their pop up theatre, bringing back old stories.

This design is dedicated to their part in the Celtic revival of language, folklore, poetry and art.

Angelina's ArtVentures

My collections of art prints, t-shirts and giftware are inspired by Irish life, heritage, stories and language - it has been wonderful to see my hand-printed, original designs finding homes across the world!

In April 2018, I was so proud to be a finalist in the Irish language category of the Business All Star awards. While I was beaten overall by a shopping centre, I was accredited Design Leader As Gaeilge by the Business All Star foundation.

In 2018 I collaborated with the Leinster Printmaking Studio in Clane, Co Kildare to host screen print workshops to celebrate Bliain na Gaeilge (125 since the revival of the Irish language & foundation of Conradh na Gaeilge).

Workshops and Experiences

This started a new journey for me with Gaeilge. I built a mobile screen printing machine in 2019 which has travelled to farmers markets and festivals, giving a creative experience of the Irish Language and heritage.

I now deliver workshops and pop-up experiences in all kinds of places, collaborating with libraries, museums, festivals, companies, and community groups to bring stories and language to life.