Why do I do what I do?

I have been an artist and travel lover all my life. This is why I have a paper plane as my logo.

I grew up in Co Kildare on magical stories from my Granny and Aunt Nellie of the Bog, The Curragh, and Fionn MaCumhaill. I come from a big family and feel very lucky to have grown up in the countryside by the Grand Canal. Kildare is known as the thoroughbred county, and it is impossible not to be influenced by Ireland’s rich horse heritage. My amazing parents founded a bus company in the 70’s, they instilled in us respect for our national treasures and tourism alike, maybe it was from here that my curiosity for heritage and travel began.

I have lived and travelled the world, I love experiencing new places & cultures. In 2007 I moved back to Ireland from Australia, and started to re-connect with my own culture and heritage. I joined the Leinster Print Studio and I was an organizer in a photo-hiking group on meetup for a time. I participated in exhibitions and fairs, whilst working full time in offices, all the time looking for a way that I could live from my art. I do have a passion for business, my Mum particularly keeps me grounded before I run away with mad creative ideas!

I am still a member of the Leinster Print Studio where I facilitate screen printing workshops, the Women’s Inspire Group and Network Kildare. Please get in touch if you are interested in learning more about screen printing or working together.