• Mobile Printing - Print a word As Gaeilge in 2019

I am currently building a mobile printing machine, and hope to bring Gaeilge to the public and corporate clients. Working in Temple Bar markets over the summer of 2018 was a great source of research for me, where I trialled the idea for tourists to print their own tléine As Gaeilge. I ran a number of workshops in collaboration with Bliain na Gaeilge and the Leinster Print Studio in Clane in 2018 where the idea was born. 

  • Thread Softly through Ireland

As a screen printing artist I have a love of textile art history and the influence of women in establishing small industries. In 2018 I started working with Trudy Carmody from Experiencing Laois on a project to discover Ireland's rich lace and embroidery heritage. 

Thread Softly through Ireland on a tour of all things threading. Experience the rich heritage of the cottage industries of lace, embroidery, tapestry through workshops, heritage stories and the people who thread.

Co Laois, Ireland is renowned worldwide for Mountmellick Lace, Ireland's only truly indigenous lace. Experiencing Laois are inviting visitors to Laois to experience authentic lace making workshops and Ireland's Ancient East. Guests will hear of the influence of the Quakers, and visit Lace centres around Ireland.

  • Medieval Project in Athy town, Co Kildare, Ireland.

Illuminating Heritage" - the walls of Athy through the Artist Eye

I am currently working on a proposal to develop a Medieval experience in Athy town, Co Kildare. 

I have focused on the development of medieval trade, trade routes and currencies during medieval times. Through research into trade professions (such as Barber Surgeon, textile merchants etc), trade routes and Athy family connections, it is hoped to illuminate stories which draw on the medieval trade heritage of Athy, which illustrate life behind & beyond the walls of Athy through the Artist Eye.

This project brings together artists, historians and archaeologists in order to generate authentic, accurate and innovative avenues of interpretation to Athy's Medieval history. Athy was known as the Stronghold of the Fitzgeralds, on the Marches of Kildare. It was enclosed by walls 4o feet high and was burnt to the ground 11 times by the native Irish of neighbouring Laois. I have already had such interesting exchanges on Medieval women I didn't know about to business practices of the time. I hope to progress my research into trade heritage stories which connect with the wider business and medieval communities of today whilst generating a sense of place for Athy town.

Watch this space!! If you have anything you would like to share with me on Medieval trade routes/guilds/interesting professions, women in Medieval times or trade families please feel free to contact me at