A Collection of Irish Christmas gifts, umbrellas, cards and t-shirts as Gaeilge.

Photography, hand drawn digitised illustrations & calligraphy, copyright of Angelina Foster.

I'm not sure how many eccentrics are out there that support the Irish language, I have drawings of snowflakes with Nollaig Shona which I print on red umbrellas with white fur trimming, these umbrellas will be available to pre-order only by 10th November 2018. Also available without white trim.

I also have this design on t-shirts, and vest top, an alternative to wearing sweaty jumpers! I plan on sending a tank top to my sister in Australia, hoping you have someone abroad too who will appreciate my unique designs. Wear sleeveless t-shirts as Gaeilge in the sun.

Nollaig Shona Daoibh i Bliain na Gaeilge!!